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Brookville Lake


Mounds SRA and Quakertown SRA

16,445 acres - 5,260-acre lake

A part of the Brookville Lake -Whitewater Memorial State Park Complex, Brookville Reservoir lies in the historic east fork of the Whitewater River Valley. Traces of prehistoric Native American mounds are still found throughout this valley. The area is known by some worldwide for its significant deposit of Ordovician fossils. These 450-million-year-old fossils, reminders of a primeval inland sea, can still be seen.

Brookville Lake is home to two State Recreation Areas: Mounds SRA (not to be confused with Mounds State Park in Anderson) and Quakertown SRA.

The lake property has more than 25 miles of hiking trails, boating opportunities, and nationally known recreational and sport fishing. Two beaches and more than 400 campsites make this an ideal family vacation spot.

The area was purchased by the federal government for flood control and to provide a place for wildlife and recreation. More than 11,000 acres provide a variety of habitats for plants and wildlife. Brookville is one of the few sites in Indiana where walleye grow big enough for fisheries biologists to milk the females for eggs to supply walleye fry to many lakes in Indiana.


Heather Cox

Thursday, July 26, 2018
It's a great lake for family fun but there is no structure with boats .people just roam around the lake As if there is no direction! so I felt it wasn't very safe to take the kids because you couldn't relax you had to be on guard watching for other boats.we saw a sailboat almost run over a tuber that was getting pulled behind absolutely no structure!

Brian Terhune

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Very clean lake. Not packed when we went. Very large fast areas, fishing was great and the depth in some areas is over 100ft. Good times for sure. We will be back with friends and family. I wish there was a place to eat off the water with boat docking. This would really drive the boaters and families more to this lake.

Carla Nicole Smith

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018
Can't wait to get back to camp and fish but I must hit the beach next time. It's all that's been on my mind since Independence weekend.

Sarah Beth Pugh

Sunday, July 8, 2018
Great place for a weekend on the lake. We went with friends on a holiday weekend and it was busy but people we're respectful and we had a great time. Did lots of swimming!

Sharise Waters

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Great place to take the family, 2 or 3 different docks. Also restaurant and gas along the river. If the water gets to you head to it's beach along the shore as well!

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