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Delaware Seashore State Park


Water, water everywhere describes Delaware Seashore State Park. Bounded on the east by the mighty Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay, the 2825-acre park is a beach-goer's delight.

Throughout history, the forces of wind and water have kept this barrier island largely inaccessible, due to the frequent natural changes of the inlet channel between the bays and the sea. Transportation along this narrow stretch of land was difficult until the Federal government completed construction of two large steel and stone jetties in 1939, stabilizing the Indian River Inlet. The State Park Commission (now the Division of Parks and Recreation) began operating Delaware Seashore State Park in 1965. Today, the park is a major attraction for millions of visitors who enjoy the large variety of water-related activities available along Delaware's coast. Mobi-Mat equipment, consisting of three 30-foot mats allowing those in wheelchairs and power chairs to access the beach from the boardwalk, is also available at the Towers Ocean and South Inlet locations. 


Diane Albanese

Thursday, June 21, 2018
This area is a grand combination of a park, a camp ground, a strip of oceanside beach just made for surfing, and an additional dedicated beach that allows drive-on with a surf fishing permit. I’m saying it’s 5 golden stars in my world because the seasons, tides, winds and weather allow us to experience the earth, sky and sea in this unique place. The Indian River Bridge spans the inlet and creates an overhead arc that frames the coming and going of boats, bikers, surfers and nature lovers from the Indian River inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. An amazing place to walk, picnic, beach sit, fish, and just observe a sunrise, a sunset and all the time in between. Stunningly awesome.

Rhea Shirk

Saturday, March 17, 2018
We always go to the state park beaches in del...for over 50 years! They're clean and beautiful! Employees at the Rehoboth station where season tickets are purchased need to learn manners and not make rude faces and rolling eyes when customers ask legitimate questions.

Hawley Smith

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
I go here in November not very many people reasonable fishing just a nice place to relax that time of year

Chris Woods

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Clean beaches, friendly staff and people! What more could you want?

Thomas Flair

Friday, Aug. 25, 2017
Here this weekend. The campers staying in the lot next to us are taking up 1/3 of our lot. We reported this to management since we cannot fit all of our stuff in our lot now. They said they would ensure that the campers next to us moved their tent to their lot. It is now 11:00PM, more than 5 hours later, trying to sleep, and we are still invaded by the campers left of us. Management did not remediate their tent being in our lot and invading our privacy. We paid for this lot, yet we do not get the lot... one star.

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