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Dinosaur Valley State Park

1629 Park Road 59

The 1,587-acre Dinosaur Valley State Park opened in 1972. Its mission:  to preserve these valuable dinosaur track sites and to allow people to learn from and enjoy them.

The National Park Service has designated this park as a National Natural Landmark because of the outstanding display of dinosaur tracks.

You can’t miss the models of an Apatosaurus (70 feet) and Tyrannosaurus rex (45 feet) near headquarters. The fiberglass models were on display at the 1964-65 New York’s World’s Fair. The Atlantic Richfield Company donated them to the park in 1970.

Tracks from the park are on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and at the Texas Memorial Museum in Austin. You can see a copy of the tracks at park headquarters.


Phillip Hersman

Sunday, April 22, 2018
great fun. Some really nice trails. It would be nice if the trails were a little more clearly marked. My group had 2 different maps. One from the main gate office and another from the gift shop. The maps didn't really match. The main office map seemed to be better, but some of the trails are easy to confuse or miss.

Brittany Covert

Friday, April 20, 2018
Loved the park! Great Hiking. The footprints were very interesting. Water looked beautiful. Great view from the look out! My negatives were they charged 7 dollars per person and the sign/Trail markers were really bad. We ran into at least three forks unable to determine which way to go, got lost twice.

Lori Belicek

Friday, May 4, 2018
First time visit, it was a very nice park, hubby and I hiked all the way to the top to get an overlook it was amazing, the trail was a little slick in some spots scaring me because the fall would have been deadly. Need cable running along the top to have something to hold on to while climbing. We enjoyed it and learned more about Glen Rose and the dinosaur, my grand son would love this place. The downside is $7.00 a person is a little high, just for site seeing and we were there about an hour or so. but if you are camping there for the night it is well worth it. The camping area is very nice and clean, just wish there where more shower houses for people staying in tents. I don’t know how much they charge the night.

Beverly Taylor

Monday, April 23, 2018
I love this state park. I've never been anywhere else that offers loads of great trails through beautiful limestone uplift and river bed terrain, a crystal clear springfed river (so nice that I'm willing to get in...) beautiful examples of dinosaur tracks you can get up to and even put your foot in if you're willing to get in the river - put your phone in a waterproof case or leave it in the car the limestone is slick and the water moves briskly - and gloriously tacky 1930s era dinosaur statues. What's not to love? I've never camped here, it's always been a day trip for me being less than 2 hours from home, but I've hiked past some of the drive up tent sites and the primitive camping areas and they're good stuff. Depending on your equipment (hammock/tent/big tent/etc.) I'd recommend asking the ranger station for a suggestion on which site to select as they have varying degrees of trees, lack of trees etc.

Kolby Stewart

Monday, April 9, 2018
There are so many trails here. Great hiking spot. I really like what they did at the river. In the past, to get to the trails in the other side you either had to wait for the water level to drop or do like we did and get wet as you wade through waste deep water (kids sure love that!). Since then, they've added large rocks for people to easily walk across the river to access the dinosaur footprints and other hiking trails.

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