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Great Plains State Park

Great Plains State Park
22487 E 1566 Rd

At Great Plains State Park, Oklahoma's diverse terrain is showcased while giving visitors a well-rounded vacation experience. Great Plains State Park is located in southwestern Oklahoma, south of Hobart.  Nestled in the shadows of the Wichita Mountains, on the east shore of Tom Steed Lake, the park is extremely appealing for the variety of activities it has to offer.

The rough, rocky terrain of the Wichita Mountain foothills provides miles of mountain biking trails for experts and beginners alike.  Hiking trails give visitors a chance to explore the park on foot and take in the scenery at a slower pace.  Whether biking or on foot, visitors will have access to over 400 acres of park land.  Rock climbing in granite boulder fields is also a favorite activity at Great Plains State Park.

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