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Punderson State Park

11755 Kinsman Road

741-acre Punderson State Park with its 150-acre natural lake, resort manor house, family cottages, golf course and scenic campground, provides many recreational opportunities for visitors. Punderson is also Ohio's premier winter sports park. Sledding, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing are all at their best.


Both the park and the lake take their names from Lemuel Punderson, a young enterprizing land agent who became Newbury Township's first permanent settler in 1808. Punderson constructed a small dam on the south side of the "big pond," as he called it, and used the outflowing water as the power source for a grist mill. The Punderson family developed a small estate on the edge of the sparkling blue lake, and their home became a popular gathering place for family and friends.

The area surrounding Punderson Lake developed into a quiet resort providing a get-away from the bustling Cleveland setting. Summer cottages and even a small hotel were built on the hills surrounding the lake. In 1929, construction began on the English-tudor manor house, but the facility was not completed until 1948. That year, the ODNR Division of Wildlife purchased the land and lake for hunting and fishing. In 1951, the area was transferred to the Division of Parks and Recreation for development as a state park. The manor house was completely remodeled and opened to the public on November 15, 1956. A structural renovation was completed in 1982.


Tonii Fury

Sunday, July 8, 2018
I'm a nature lover so this review might be biased. To put it simple: I love this place! There are plenty of hiking trails, as well as places to fish. I have not had a chance to experience the lodge or cabins, but I have eaten at the restaurant and I liked it. It's a very romantic place and the view from some of the tables that we've sat at were amazing. It's not too far from the city but definitely not too close either. I get here as often as I can. If you haven't been here then you should definitely experience it for yourself.

Ricky Harris

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Amazing trails. General store with all the essentials ran by very friendly staff. Lots to do and available rental equipment if you came empty handed (bikes, boats, canoes, etc.). Amphitheater for outdoor movie nights. A handful of playgrounds. Beach and swimming area... an overall great and inexpensive weekend getaway!

Lee Patrick Drummond

Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
Had a great time. Some of the campsites are a lot better than others, but not in subjective ways, so try to look for suggestions on the right campsite for you. The disc golf course was really nice. I was surprised there weren't any bathrooms convenient to the beach area.

Jana Zettl

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
I love this place. We camped, explored the manor and watched the fireworks over the lake ( it was independence day celebration). It is well maintained, family oriented. No drinking in the park. It was very festive.

Colleen Cantrell

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Has a groovy manor house to dine. Walk through nature and relax. Beautiful flowers, little beach, with trails and a lovely lake. Amazing place to go for the whole family. Lots to do. All seasons.

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