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Davis - Turner Falls Park

I-35 and Highway 77


Turner Falls Park is the oldest park in Oklahoma and is named for Mazeppa Thomas Turner. Turner was born in Virginia and married a Chickasaw named Laura Johnson. He then became a farmer in Murray County and in 1878 he and is wife settled in a cabin along Honey Creek. Turner discovered the nearby waterfall, which earned his name. The recreational area came under the ownership of the city of Davis in 1919. Davis operated the park until 1950, and then leased it out until 1978, when they resumed management of the area. Davis purchased 370 acres for the park from the Turner family in 1925, paying a reported sum of $17,000.

The 1500-acre area around the falls has been compared to the Grand Canyon and the Black Hills, in that the terrain provides a geological view into the past.

The Park has received national publicity and serves as a classroom for naturalists as it includes three natural caves, formations of conglomerates, limestone, granite, shale and sandstone.

Turner Falls Park is nestled below the famous Arbuckle Mountains and forms Honey Creek, which then cascades down a seventy-seven (77) foot fall to a natural swimming pool making the majestic Turner Falls the largest waterfall in Oklahoma. The Park has been a recreational area since 1868 as it is accented with beautiful picnic areas, nature trails, caves, geological wonders, and two natural swimming pools very unique in nature.

The City of Davis operates the park and everyone is welcome to enjoy the 1500 acres of fun in the "Heart of the Arbuckle's".


jesse montemayor

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018
This is an Awesome place. To be able to swim next to a Waterfall in the Midwest is really cool. Nice place to BBQ and have family get togethers. The swim hole is great! A big swim hole in the creek is neat with a slide coming off the rocks and a diving board. I've been there twice and would go back again.

Trent Nutter

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018
What a great place to visit. The hiking is great and the waterfall is amazing. We visited in the off season and the crowd was small and the views were beautiful. If your planning on going in the summer time, you better get there early. The lines and crowds add up fast.

Chelsey Martinez

Monday, March 5, 2018
BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!! Tip: Get there super early and buy tickets online. Especially if you have to take a long trip just to get there. Once the place fills up, they can't let anyone else in and will make you leave. I love spending time there!

Asa Clark

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017
I have been going to this park since I was a kid. It has wonderful hiking trails and tons of camping sites. If you like to camp closer to people they have options for that. If you like to camp further off away from people they can accommodate that as well. In the warmer months you can trek up the river and back. There is a lot of wonderful scenery as well as activities such as hiking swimming and cave exploring. The caves aren't super deep or anything but they are still a fun experience, even with younger kids. The one thing I noticed this time is that there are gigantic windmills which are cool but also slightly take away from the remote feeling of the area. Also I had full cell reception at every point on my last visit.

Tim Speer

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Neat to see. I went in late fall when hardly anyone was around and had the place almost to myself. In addition to the falls, there is a nature trail that was well worth taking.

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